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Welcome to All 80s Music Radio & Columbia, Missouri's online city guide.

In addition to a fantastic online radio station, we have resources for residents and visitors for Columbia, MO. Who knows what you'll find!


All 80s Music Radio brings you the very best 80's music right here in Columbia, MO. You'll hear great 80's music that's not played on FM radio. With over 2,000 songs in our library you're sure to hear a blast from the past.

We are glad you stopped by! 

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All 80s Music Radio is known for its variety of 80s rock Monday through Friday, including The John and Heidi Show in the mornings and Jay Williams during the midday. Wednesday night's Kurt David with Takin’ Ya Back. Friday night’s Todd Chambless with KTODD-80s  and Chris Cordani with Revenge of the 80s.  


Every Saturday and Sunday on All 80s Music Radio we have a variety of 80s shows, including on-air talent Gonzo Gates with The 80s Vault and The 80s Time Warp, Dean Fettes with Retro 80s Weekend, Jack Hammer & Andre Kane with The Electric Radio Show, Vic St. John with The Crashman Show, Geoff Dorsett with Kick Up the 80s, The John and Heidi Show – Weekend Edition and Kent Jones with Totally Awesome 80s.

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